Benefits of MM2H

Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H) is a 10 years long stay multiple entry visa. Simple long stay status application with low requirement, regardless of affecting current nationality, taxation issue, and risk of investment. With this status you can enjoy the value added benefits come along as following list:

  1. Long stay 10 years multiple entry.
  2. Unlimited renew after 10 years
  3. Application open for people age 21 and above, single or family can apply.
  4. 1 person to provide financial document, spouse, children below 21 years old and parents above 60 years old entitle to come together.
  5. Add in your new marriage spouse or new born baby without raising required FD.
  6. Risk free
  7. Required FD to place come with annual bank interest
  8. Allowed to withdraw part of the FD after 1 year with simple condition
  9. No number limitation of family members
  10. No language test or interview required.
  11. No minimum stay required
  12. No location limitation to stay in whole peninsula. No need to report place of stay.
  13. No barrier of communication. English and Mandarin commonly used.
  14. Not affecting current nationality. Change of nationality does not affect MM2H status as well.
  15. Application takes 3 – 6 month. After approved, given 6 months of grace period to land in Malaysia.
  16. Children can study in public and private school.
  1. Main stream high school graduation certificate recognized by worldwide.
  2. Allow to bring in home country maid
  3. Entitle to purchase a tax free local assembled car
  4. Allow to import own car from home country tax free
  5. Allow to bring in furniture from home country tax free
  6. Allow to bring in pet
  7. Higher chance to get housing & car loan
  8. Legally to open multiple bank accounts. Allow to open saving, current, FD, and foreign currency account, as well as able to invest bank products.
  9. Able to apply visa to more than 160 embassies in Malaysia
  10. Direct transfer your current driving license to Malaysia’s driving license easily.
  11. Allow to open account and invest Malaysia’s stocks market
  12. Allow to purchase medical, saving plan, investment plan insurance
  13. Enjoy GST return while leaving Malaysia airport
  14. Offshore income are tax free
  15. Age 50 and above allow to works part time not more than 20 hours per week.
  16. Allow to terminate anytime and withdraw all the FD

Criteria to Apply to MM2H

MM2H Application is straight forward, transparent, and simple. Malaysia government welcome foreigners age above 21 from all over the world to come over with their lovely family members.

During Application
  < 50 years old > 50 years old
Monthly Income > MYR 10k > MYR10k
Bank Liquid Assets > MYR 500k > MYR 350k
Background No Criminal Record
Waiting Approval 3 – 6 months
Conditional Approved 6 month grace period to arrange land in Malaysia
Required F.D. MYR 30k MYR 15k
Withdrawal after 1 year MYR 15k MYR 5k

Other categories

  1. Receiving monthly pensions from government more than MYR 10k
  2. Owning a property more than MYR 1million in Malaysia

Process of Apply

Requirements to join MM2H

  Document Remark
1 Full passport copy (Included empty page) (Issuing date less than 1 year need to provide old passport) Notary public
2 Letter of intention  
3 Personal resume, biodata  
4 Passport size white background photo x 5  
5 Employment letter (Mention position and salary) Original copy with company stamp chop
6 Latest 3 month salary slip Original copy with company stamp chop
7 Latest 3 month bank statement which reflect salary Original copy with bank stamp chop
8 Latest 3 month bank statement or FD cert. which shows minimum liquid asset more than RM 500k / RM 350k Original copy with bank stamp chop
9 Police clearance / non-criminal record Original copy
10 Banker’s name card  
11 Supporting doc.: Education cert., company profile, property ownership, business card, and etc.  
  Spouse and child  
1 Full passport copy (Included empty page) (Issuing date less than 1 year need to provide old passport) Notary public
2 Passport size white background photo x 5  
3 Marriage Cert. (If come with wife) Notary public
4 Children birth cert. (If come with children) Notary public
5 Spouse’s bank statement (If required) Original copy with bank stamp chop
  Required Forms  
1 Adult Application Form  
2 Children Application Form  
3 Health Declaration Form  
4 Bank Authorization Form  
5 Employment Authorization Form

MM2H Supporting Serviced

Visa Extension or Transfer

MM2H visa expired soon or changes of new passport.

Required document:

  1. New passport
  2. Old passport
  3. MM2H Approval Letter
  4. Copy of main applicant passport detail & visa page

Processing time: 1 working day

MM2H FD Withdrawal

MM2H participant are allow to withdraw part of the required Fixed Deposit after a period of one year for approved expenses relating to car / house purchase, education for children and medical expenses in Malaysia. A minimum balance must be maintained from the second year onwards and throughout the duration of participation under this program including when applying for extension. 

Required document:

  1. Copy of MM2H approval letter
  2. Copy of main applicant passport detail & MM2H visa page
  3. Copy of MM2H Fixed Deposit Certificate & letter
  4. Either or combine of following documents:
    1. Property purchase: Sales & purchase agreement, payment receipt
    2. Car purchase: Car registration certificate, payment receipt
    3. School fee: Letter of acceptance, payment receipt
    4. Medical fee: Letter of admission, receipt

Processing time: 3 – 5 working days

Include Dependent

You can always add your new married spouse or born baby under your MM2H without increasing any capital in your Fixed Deposit account. 

Required document:

  1. Copy of MM2H approval letter
  2. Copy of main applicant passport detail & MM2H visa page
  3. Spouse or child full passport copy
  4. Marriage Cert. or Birth Cert.
  5. Passport size photos of spouse or child

Processing time: 1 month

Include Parent

Main applicant can include parents who age 60 and above under the MM2H visa. Visa given to parents are 6 months renewable basis. 

Required document:

  1. Copy of MM2H approval letter
  2. Copy of main applicant passport detail & MM2H visa page
  3. Fully passport copy of parents
  4. Marriage cert of parents (if accompany with spouse)
  5. Birth cert of main applicant. (Prove relationship)
  6. Passport size photos of parents

Processing time: 1 month

Purchased Tax Free Car

To entitle to purchase a Malaysia local assembled car (CKD), MM2H participant must purchase the car within the 1st year getting MM2H visa. The discount of tax is up to 30% from the market price. Participant who wanted to purchase car after 1 year will not entitle for tax free.

Import Personal Furniture or Car

Import furniture – for personal use purpose are tax free.
Import car – Participant who have MM2H entitle to enjoy tax free to import an own car from home country. The condition is participant must owned the car more than 6 months and must import the car within 6 months after getting MM2H visa.

Apply Maid from Home Country

Understanding of MM2H participants are from many different countries, lifestyle, religion, and diet habit are different as well. MM2H allow participant from different country to bring over the maid from their home country to take care of the family.

Application requirement:

  1. Must have residential in Malaysia.
  2. Must have children below 15 years old or parent above 60 years old
  3. Maid age must be between 21 to 45 years old
  4. Maid must attend full medical examination in home country and Malaysia.

Processing time: 1 month

Termination of MM2H

Due to personal reason you may wanted to terminate your MM2H. You’re allows to terminate your MM2H anytime and withdraw all the money in the bank. Main applicant must enter Malaysia to do the application.

Required document:

  1. Original MM2H approval letter
  2. Original FD cert & bank letter
  3. Return air ticket

Bank document:

  1. Bank card or bank book
  2. Home country bank account information

Processing time: 5 – 8 working days