MM2H Application is straight forward, transparent, and simple. Malaysia government welcome foreigners age above 21 from all over the world to come over with their lovely family members.

During Application
  < 50 years old > 50 years old
Monthly Income > MYR 10k > MYR10k
Bank Liquid Assets > MYR 500k > MYR 350k
Background No Criminal Record
Waiting Approval 3 – 6 months
Conditional Approved 6 month grace period to arrange land in Malaysia
Required F.D. MYR 30k MYR 15k
Withdrawal after 1 year MYR 15k MYR 5k

Other categories

  1. Receiving monthly pensions from government more than MYR 10k
  2. Owning a property more than MYR 1million in Malaysia