– Planning and booking of air ticket, hotel accommodation or hostels and appointments with the schools for visitation

– Transfers from airport, hotel and usage of vehicles for school visits

–  Meet and Greet services with 24/7 care line

– Coordinate and recommend institutions of higher learning to parents

– Liaison between parents and registrar of higher education institutions pertaining to student enrolment

– Study Tour or customized tour packages


Education Tourism Products

  • Educational Tours

We work with schools to build a travel program to take students out of their comfort zones and into an experience that makes them more open-minded and confident to face the world. School trips should be more than just a holiday plus learning should be fun and using adventures for a personal development experience that lasts long after the trip ends.

  • Student Mobility Program

Mobility programs are designed to meet the needs of international students who wish to spend a single semester or one full academic year of study in Malaysia. Student mobility is a programme that initiates the exchange of students between two institutions for a short duration of study (anywhere between 3 to 12 months of study) that usually allows credit transfer to the existing degree programme in the student’s home institution.

  • Student Recruitment Program

Higher education in Malaysia covers certificate, diploma, undergraduate levels as well as postgraduate studies. The requirements are slightly different depending on the type of institution that you are applying to. All private-funded higher education institutions come under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Higher Education and comprise of:

– Private Universities which award their own degree qualifications, diplomas and foundation studies.

– Private University-Colleges which award their own degree qualifications, diplomas and foundation studies.

– Foreign University Branch Campuses which award their own degree qualifications, diplomas and foundation studies.

– Private Colleges which award their own qualifications at diploma and certificate levels as well as 3+0 degrees, split-degrees and tutorial support for professional qualifications

  • English Language Program

English Language Program to help international students improve their language and communication skills so as to transition smoothly into undergraduate studies

  • Internship Program

Prepare the students for the internship program as a continuation of the post-graduation in developing talents in workforce by by providing them the opportunities to experience a practical learning experiences with multinational organizations, or connecting and working alongside a diverse group of young people