MM2H Application is straight forward, transparent, and simple. Malaysia government welcome foreigners age above 35 from all over the world to come over with their lovely family members.

Upon Application
Monthly Income Proof Equivalent > MYR 40,000
Liquid Assets Equivalent > MYR 1.5 million
Background Non-criminal & free from infectious disease
Immigration Application Fee Up front MYR 500 per family member
Waiting Period of 3-6 Month
6 months grace period to enter Malaysia for visa stamping
  Age >50 Age < 50
Required Fixed Deposit MYR 1 million MYR 1 million + MYR 50,000 per dependent
Immigration Application Fee (Balance) MYR 4,500 for main applicant MYR 2,000 for each dependent
Security Bond RM 200~2,000 (Depends on nationality)