About MM2H

Is MM2H a resident or permanent resident status?

No. MM2H is a straight forward 10 years renewable long stay visa.

To apply MM2H do I need to purchase a property?

No. To get MM2H status not required to purchase a property. Some of the developers or agent will package the property together with MM2H but actually having MM2H does not require to purchases property. On the other hand, buying a property doesn’t automatically come together with MM2H.

What are the benefits I can enjoy with MM2H?

Due to Malaysia is not a migration country and MM2H is not meant to provide benefits to foreigner, it is a visa that letting foreigners who love Malaysia living environment to have an easy way. That’s why the requirements are simple and not involve any risk of investment.

What happen once 5 years reach? What about my children age reached 21?

MM2H allowed to renew every 5 years without limit. Unmarried children now able to follow the principal until the age of 35.

Will MM2H affect my current nationality?

Total no affecting your current citizenship.

What kind of benefits as local residents can I enjoy?

Basically Malaysia government already subsidized lot of budget in daily necessaries like rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt, bread, petrol, and etc. Everyone enjoy the same price purchasing daily necessaries in open market. Start from 1st January 2016, all foreigners unable to enjoy the low cost government hospital fee. For private hospital, foreigners and local pay the same price.

Baby born in Malaysia can become Malaysian?

No. Unless either one of the parents is Malaysian, so that you can choose baby nationality.

Is MM2H the lowest migration program?

Basically yes. Compare to others migration country, Malaysia does not require to invest property, business, or national bond. Malaysia government only required participant to place a fixed deposit in bank under personal name and can withdraw anytime when participant wanted to terminate their MM2H.

Can I enjoy visa free as Malaysia to 160 countries?

No. MM2H doesn’t change your nationality. You can apply visa through the available embassy in Malaysia during your stay in Malaysia.

About Daily Life

Is it easy to adapt life in Malaysia?

Definitely yes. Malaysia is very easy to adapt. All year long same weather. Originally mixed culture environment, people in Malaysia commonly easy to accept people from different culture background.

Is there any problem if we don’t speak Bahasa Melayu?

Totally not an issue. English is commonly speak in Malaysia. Malaysian learned English since kindergarten. English is also official language in Malaysia, most of the legal document or business document widely use English.

How about the food?

Malaysia always rated as food heaven by tourist from all around the world. Major local Malay, Chinese, and Indian food are everywhere. Besides that western, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, and etc. are everywhere. Local people love food and easy to accept food type from different culture.

Malaysia is Muslim country, is there many restriction?

No doubt Malaysia is Muslim country but others religion people are freely to worship their belief and have own religious site. You can always found Mosque, Chinese temple, Indian temple, and Church located next to each other from some heritage attraction place. From there you can see Malaysian live under this harmonic environment since hundred years ago.

Is transportation in Malaysia convenience?

2 major international airports serve more than 100 destinations in the world and domestic airport carry the local travelers. North South highway past through 9 states of Malaysia, southern link with Singapore and northern link with Thailand. Subway currently only applicable in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Regular coach travels within all states in peninsula are frequent as well.

About Education

Can children study in Malaysia using MM2H?

Yes, children below 18 years old can use MM2H to study without converting to Student Visa. Children who graduated from high school entering to university might need to convert to student visa as per request from school

Can our children study in public government school?

Yes, foreign student need to pay RM 120 per year to study in government school. School will reserve priority quota for local resident, subsequently only applicable for foreigner. Foreign students are required to purchase own text book for study

About Property

What are the restriction of purchasing Malaysia’s property

Start from 1st March 2014, foreigner are required to purchase property price minimum from RM 1 million. Anyhow each state have their rights to set their own regulation based on their states development planning.

Is there any different for MM2H holder to purchase property?

No. Buying and owning MM2H is two different businesses.

What are the taxes and fees incur during purchase property?

Purchased  property in Malaysia incurred legal fee, stamp duty, rent bill, and assessment. The mentioned pay the same as local.