Why Make Treatment in Malaysia

Malaysia – A World Class Health and Wellness Destination!

Medical tourism in Malaysia is ranked among the top five destinations for health tourism. Today, the medical practices in Malaysia are at par with some of the best in the world, incorporating both sophistication as well as international expertise.

Moreover, Malaysia has been proclaimed as “Medical Travel Destination of the Year” at the “International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ)” Medical Travel Awards.

There are countless reasons that make Malaysia the ideal destination for the healthcare needs. Below are some of the reasons why.

Top-Notch Healthcare
Served by highly qualified medical practitioners, Malaysia’s hospitals offer a wide range of niche medical specialities.

State-of-the Art Healthcare Facilities
Medical institutions come fully equipped with some of the most advanced facilities.

Value for Your Money
Tightly regulated by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, the country’s world class healthcare is competitive and attractively affordable without compromising the quality of treatments.

Government Backing Via Council
Promoted by the government via The “Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC).

Multi Cultured Society and Great Hospitality
Experience the hospitality of our warm, friendly people. Feel right at home as English is widely spoken and interpreters are readily available anytime.

Quick Service
Patient can get treatment without having to face a long waiting list.

Confidentiality and Safety Assured
Our medical professionals adhere to the highest codes of professional conduct and ethics.

A Tourist Paradise
Malaysia is blessed with a tropical climate, beautiful beaches, lush green forest, idyllic islands, highland gateways, fascinating historical sites and a kaleidoscope of cultures – the perfect place to relax and recuperate post-treatment.

Medical Travel With Mayflower

Mayflower Medical Tourism was established to serve the needs of medical travellers whom are in search of high quality yet affordable medical procedures and treatments. Therefore, Mayflower Medical Tourism is working closely with the elite members of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council to ensure its medical travellers will receive the best quality healthcare services.

By working closely with elite hospitals and medical centres together with their professional doctors and best-trained surgeons, Mayflower Medical Tourism can assist the medical travellers from matching them up with the best in the professions available for their medical needs to provide them with the most flexible and comfortable arrangements during their stay while undergoing treatment or recovery.

The commitment is to help the growing number of international consumers to make safer, smarter and more affordable healthcare choices by enabling them to take advantage of the increasing global options in safe and affordable medical care.